Flower Show Yalova 2004
Yalova International Ornamental Plants Fair
07.04.2004  - 11.04.2004

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Yalova International Ornamental Plants Fair
7-11 April 2004

General Information Regarding the Fair

The fair will be held between the dates of 7-11 April 2004 in Yalova. Several visitors will be brought to the fair from various regions of Turkey and the countries to which indoor plant manufacturers of Turkey are making exportation. The fair is to last for five days. During the first three days, the fair will be open only to the professional visitors, whereas on the last two days, the fair will also be open to public.

Meetings will be arranged regarding the issues of this sector both in the scope of and concurrent to the fair.

Yalova International Indoor Plant Fair, being the only organization in terms of sectorial quality in Turkey, has been first realized last year in a very short time period and a total of 15.403 visitors had visited this fair of which 51 visitors were from Denmark, Bulgaria, Israel, Germany, Netherlands, India and USA; 2.841 visitors were from outside of Yalova, and 12.511 visitors were from Yalova and neighbauring cities. The greatest interest for the fair outside of Yalova was mainly from İstanbul, Bursa , Sakarya, Kocaeli and İzmir. In the fair, a total of 64 companies have presented their products and themselves. In this forthcoming fair organization to be realized between the dates of 7-11 April 2004, we are expecting a participant number of 150 coming from over 15 countries.

Supporters of the Fair:

This organization, which is realized together by Yalova Chamber of Trade and Industry and Forza Fairs and Organization Services Inc., is also supported by the base organizations of the indoor plants sector in Turkey . The Cooperatives and associations are taking place at the fair both themselves and together with their members and they are aiding in the attraction of visitors.

The Products to be Presented at the Fair

Interior in door plants, exterior out door plants, chopped flowers, seedling, bulb, plant feed, torf, perlit, fertilizer, seed, plant drugs, greenhouse equipment, equipments using for serial manufacturing and mounting, watering system, si pumps, cooling-heating aeration systems, hydroseeding, packaging materials, generator, insecticide systems, agriculturing equipment, illumination equipment, garden furniture, decoration materials, dead plant, flowerpot, glass-ceramic, candle, celebration and condolence cards, necessary materials required for flowiculture, landscape, kayraktaşı, pomza, universities, research institutions, sectorial publications, insurance companies, transportation firms.

Visiting Hours

The fair shall be open between 10.00 a.m. and 08.00 p.m.


No sales will be realized at the fair. However, retail sales area will be created for the companies who are wishing to perform sales operations.

Participation Fee and Method of Payment

E stands: m² price

60 US Dollars + VAT,

D stands: m² price

65 US Dollars + VAT,

C stands: m² price

70 US Dollars + VAT,
B stands: m² price
75 US Dollars + VAT,
A stands: m² price
80 US Dollars + VAT,
Sales stands: m² price
90 US Dollars + VAT,
Open areas: m² price
20 US Dollars + VAT.
The smallest stand is 9 m².

30% of the participation fee will be transferred following the signing of the contract and the resulting amount will be transferred on the 10 th of April, 2004 .

The Bank account numbers where the payments can be made:

  • Akbank Ankara Meşrutiyet Branch 0046976-7 no. USD account
  • Yapı Kredi Bank Ankara Meşrutiyet Branch 3003253-2 no. USD account

Services Covered by the Participation Fee

The stand construction consists of the following: 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 trash bin, 1 ashtray, 1 spotlight for each 3 m², overhead writing, general security (the stand security will be the under the responsibility of the participant during the open hours of the fair), general cleaning services (in-stand cleaning is under the responsibility of the participant), “all risk” insurance, giving a 1-page information at the fair catalogue regarding the firm, the promotion and advertisement of the fair via general press and media and open air advertisements.

Extra Materials and Services

Every kind of services to be demanded (table, chair, shelf, display cabinet, special compartment, telephone line, fax, refrigerator, hostess, interpreter, handling and customs services, etc. for the foreign participant) except from the goods and services covered by the participation fee shall be provided against their cost.

Promotion Activities

The fair brochure shall be sent to all the flower and indoor plant manufacturers and the producers providing material and service to this sector before the fair, fair posters and hand-brochures will be handed out, fair invitations will be sent to the related persons/organizations, billboards and cloth posters shall be posted up at the important points in the city, advertisements shall be given at the regional presses of the three most eminent newspapers, announcement of the fair will be done by means of the radios and televisions broadcasting in that area.

Fair Catalogue

The fair catalogue will be printed on 12x21 cm. size, glossy paper, in color. The participant can give advertisements on this catalogue which will be handed out to the related organizations and institutions and sold to the visitors.

Advertisement Prices

Back Cover Color :

1000 US Dollars + VAT

In-Cover Color :

500 US Dollars + VAT

Inner Pages Color :

250 US Dollars + VAT

The advertisement films should be sent directly by the advertiser. The framed advertisement films should be prepared in such a format that they are 1 cm smaller that the page size.

Transportation/Travel and Accommodation

The transportation/travel and accommodation issues of the participators coming from abroad and outside of Yalova will be organized by 3F Tourism Travel Ltd. Co.

Shipping/Freight, Customs and Handling

Hitit Transit and Hitit Customs Consultancy company will help the firms to participate at the fair regarding the shipment/freight, customs and location services.

Contact Person: Engin Ahmet Saygı

Phone: + 90 (312) 482 65 63

Fax: + 90 (312) 482 65 43

e-mail: [email protected]

Deadline For Application

March 19 th , 2004


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