10.09.2005  - 18.09.2005
Cam Piramit Promat Yolu-ANTALYA

7th ANTALYA Arts&Handicrafts Fair
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September 10-18, 2005
Atatürk Culture Park-ANTALYA

This year in Antalya which is the most important cultural center of Turkey, we organize the 7th Art and Crafts Fair. This fair which attracts great interest from the people of Antalya and which they look forward every year will be held between September 10-18, 2005 in pergoles located on the King’s Road in front of the Glass Pyramid Sabancı Congress and Fair Center.

The Fair which will take for nine days will include two weekends. The products of approximately 150 artists-firms-organizations selling art and craft products will be exhibited in the fair.

Within the scope of the Fair, each night artistic shows will be organized.

Visiting Hours

Fair opened, 12.00-23.00.


Retail will be made during the fair

Participation Fee and Payment Terms

Fair booths 1 sqm = 75 Euro+VAT

The smallest booth is 9 sqm

The PARTICIPANT pays 20% of the participation fee of the exhibition together with signing the contract, and the balance amount according the conditions stipulated in the contract. If the payment is to be effected in installments, all installments will immediately become due without any need for notification in failure of payment of one of the checks/notes for the installments on the respective maturity dates or in the case of non-existence of funds in the credit card account, for which the PARTICIPANT has given mail order instruction, to suffice for the installment amount payable. The checks/notes or credit card payment instruction stated in the payment schedule will be valid with the check/note roll and credit card provision certificate to be issued by FORZA. The payments, if not effected by checks or credit cards, are delivered personally against collection receipt or deposited to the following accounts of FORZA Fairs & Organization Co. Inc.;

The Bank account numbers for payments

  • Türkiye Yapı Kredi Bankası, Ankara Meşrutiyet Branch, (Branch Code 156) 1023860-0 YTL account or 3003148-4 Euro account,
  • Akbank, Ankara Meşrutiyet Branch, (Branch Code 122) 0046975-9 YTL account or 0044646-8 Euro account,
  • Garanti Bankası, Ankara Yenişehir Branch, (Branch Code 411) 6297701 YTL account or 9092160 Euro account.

Services Included in Participations Fee

Illumination of stands with one spotlight per 3 sqm, provision of 1 table, 2 shelves, 2 chairs, 1 wastebasket and 1 ashtray for stands .

Execution of “all risk” insurance for up to TL 50 YTL of the products to be exhibited on each 1 sqm of the stand used by the participant to exhibit its products as required by the contract (application will be made for the insurance with the minute issued by the authorized security units in the case of theft, while with the minute to be issued by the company official in the case of damage, accompanied by the photos showing the damage),General cleaning of the exhibition area (internal cleaning of stands is under the responsibility of the PARTICIPANT),

Fair Catalogue

Fair Catalogue will be 12x21 cm. in Turkish-English language . Participants may order adverteisements to be put in the catalogue in Exchange of a fee, to be distrubuted to relevant establishments and visitors.

Travel and Accomadation

Participant’s travel and accomadation affairs will be organized by 3F Tourism and Travel Agency .

Products to be Exhibited at the Fair

  • Home decoration products
  • Model Works
  • Book
  • Flower
  • All sorts of hand-made stone objects
  • All sorts of fired earthen objects, glazed or unglazed
  • All sorts of hand-made glass objects
  • All sorts of treated metal objects including gold and silver
  • Materials and tools used for handicrafts
  • Collections
  • Traditional arts such as calligraphy, miniature, marbling, kat’i binding work
  • Paintings, graphics, photos, caricatures
  • Sculptures
  • Ceramics
  • Materials and tools used for plastic art
  • Wooden works such as carving, embossment, nacre embossment
  • Traditional weaving such as rug, kilim etc.
  • Leather
  • Bijouterie
  • Candle
  • Music instruments, CD
  • Furniture
  • Postcard

Deadline for Applications: August 31, 2005


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