2nd Healthy Life Exhibition
31.05.2005  - 05.06.2005

Application Form

2 nd Healthy Life Exhibition

26 April-01 May 2005


General Information

Nowadays, more and more people are searching for new ways of achieving a healthier standard of living and physical improvement. To achieve this objective people are turning to the use of natural and organic products. Especially in the area of healthy living, it has been clearly observed that these vast and growing groups of health sensitive people are trying to be more insightful and particular about the goods and services they consume.

The Healthy Life Exhibition Ankara, whose aim is to find solutions to the search in question and fill the void in this sector will be held for the second time in 2005. In the first Healthy Life Exhibition Ankara, 75 firms and establishments took part as exhibitors where many important professional visitors from the sector were also present. The second fair will also make sure that products and services related to living healthily are brought to the fingertips of consumers by providing access to a wide range of exhibitors from firms and companies to foundations and institutions, organizations to associations, health centers to sports centers, natural and organic products to yoga and meditation centers etc…

The Healthy Life Exhibition Ankara, which will be organized by Forza Fair and Organization Services Inc., will be held at the Ankara Atatürk Cultural Centre. The target of the fair is to attract over 50 thousand guests.

Supporters Of The Exibition

The exhibition will be organized with the support of Ēaš Hospital, Breast-Feeding Education and Solutions Centre, LOSEV- Leukemia Children’s Foundation, Kudret Eye Hospital, Keēiören Hospital, Umut Heart Hospital, Sezen Acupuncture Clinic, Spormed, Turkish Family Planning Association, Foundation for War against TB.

Exhibition Profile

Organic and natural food products

•Herbal food, Herbal teas and weight Loss teas

•Olives and olive oil products

•Dry organic food products

•Dietary products and centers

•Food and products for Diabetics

•Vegetable/ Herbal soaps, creams and oils

•Child health and care products

•Personal hygiene products

•Sports materials and clothing

•Fitness devices,

•Massage devices, massage tables and cushions

•Fitness, aerobic and gymnastics centers,

•Yoga, meditation and acupuncture techniques and centers,

•Health / life / retirement insurances,

•Mouth and dental health and aesthetic products and centers

•Optical products (glasses, lenses etc…)

•Thermal springs, Turkish baths, steam rooms and saunas,

•Massage pools and equipments,

•Orthopedic beds

•Orthopedic shoes

•Medical ancillary clothes (corsets, orthopedic footwear / slippers etc.)

•Hearing devices, diabetes measurement devices etc.,

•Health releases (magazines, books, CDs, cassettes, web pages etc.)

•Far East Philosophy related publications

•Hospitals, Associations and Foundations

Visiting Hours

10.00 am-20.00 pm.

Participation Fee and Payment

80 USD plus VAT per m² with stand,

The smallest stand allocation possible is 9 m².

30 % of the participation fee shall be paid on signing the contract; the remaining balance shall be paid by the closing date of the exhibition. The effective exchange sales rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey applicable on the day of payment shall be taken as basis for the payments.

Bank Account Numbers for Payment

•Garanti Bank Ankara Branch Office (Branch Office Code: 170) USD Account No. 9097707.

•Yapi Kredi Bank Ankara Mesrutiyet Branch Office (Branch Office Code: 156) USD Account No. 3003147-6.

Services Included in the Participation Fee

Stand construction, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 dustbin, 1 ashtray, 1 spotlight for each 3 m², facade panel, general security (security of the stand during the opening hours of the exhibition shall be the responsibility of the participant), general cleaning services (cleaning inside the stand shall also be the responsibility of the participant), provision of “all risk” insurance up to TL 40,000,000 for each m² of stands, allocation of 1 page in the exhibition catalogue for the company profile, promotion of the exhibition via press – broadcasting organs and open air advertisements.

Extra Accessories and Services

Services (table, chair, shelf, display cabinet, special section, telephone line, fax, refrigerator, hostess, translator, handling and clearing services for foreign participants etc.) required other than the products and services included in the participation fee shall be charged for separately.


Press releases will be sent to newspapers, magazines, televisions and radios informing them of the fair, also it will be ensured that the subject of the fair is maintained in the agenda of the media. Brochures, posters and invitation cards to be printed for promoting the exhibition shall be disseminated to the persons, authorities, organizations and associations related to the sector. Handout announcements including information about the exhibition shall be disseminated at locations such as shopping centers, universities and all the major streets. Information about the exhibition will be hung on billboards and municipal buses. The Exhibition will be announced in web pages and press releases of associations and organizations related to the sector. Advertorials related to the exhibition will be printed and broadcast in Ankara editions of the top three highly circulated national newspapers and radios broadcasting in Ankara. Persons and associations related to the sector will be contacted by means of telemarketing, and they shall be requested to participate in and visit the exhibition.

Exhibition Catalogue

The Exhibition Catalogue will be printed on colored glossy paper of size 12 x 21 cm. All participants will be able to place adverts in the catalogue to be disseminated to the related associations and organizations and sold to the visitors.

Advertisement Rates

Back Cover Page (Color): 1000 USD + VAT

Inside Cover Pages (Color): 500 USD + VAT

Inner Pages (Color): 250 USD + VAT

The advertisement films should be submitted by the participants placing the adverts. Framed advertisement films should be prepared one cm smaller than the page size.

Deadline for Application

08 April 2005


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