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Antalya 4th Arts, Handicrafts & Book Fair
September 28-October 6, 2002  
Glass Pyramid-ANTALYA

Antalya, the cross roads of civilizations, has been hosting for three years for the meeting of our artists coming from all over Turkey with those worldwide. "The Arts, Handcrafts and Book Fair", which we have given a start in 1999 in Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, has now become a classic for the people of Antalya.
With the hope of recreating and sharing together the beauties in the fourth "Antalya Arts, Handcrafts and Book Fair", which we have organized within the scope of Golden Orange Film Festival in cooperation with Antalya Golden Orange Culture and Art Foundation with the assistance of Metropolitan Municipality in Antalya where the value of art and artist has always been appreciated.

Visiting Hours

Retail sales will be made during the fair.

Participation Fee and Payment Terms
Fair booths 1 m² = US $ 80 + VAT
The smallest booth is 6 m².

30 % of the participation fee shall be paid upon signing the contract, 40 % on August 23, 2002 and % 30 on October 11, 2002. Payments will be based on the current effective sales rate of the Central Bank on the date of payment.

Bank Account Numbers for Payments
Garanti Bankası Ankara Brunch
US $ account no: 9099538
Vakıfbank Ankara Meşrutiyet Branch
US $ account no: 4017375
İş Bankası Meşrutiyet Branch
US $ account no: 638737

Services Included in Participation Fee
Booth construction, rug, 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 shelves, 1 wastebasket, 1 ashtray, 1 spotlight per 3 m², frontal sign, general security (booth security during hours of visit will be provided by each participant), general cleaning services (expect internal cleaning of the booth which will be done by each participant), all risk insurance up to TL 10.000.000 per 1 m² of the booth, including firm information in the fair cataloque, advertising the fair through printed media and open air advertisement.

Extra Materials and Services
Any extra materials and services other than those included in participation fee shall be separately chargeable (i.e. table, chair, shelf, display window, special partition, telephone lines, fax machine, refrigerator, hostess, translator, handling and customs clearance for foreign participants etc.)

Fair Cataloque
Fair cataloque will be 12x21 cm. in Turkish-English. Participants may order advertisements to be put in the cataloque in exchange of a fee, to be distributed to relevant establishments and visitors.

Travel and Accommodation
Participant's travel and accommodation affairs will be organized by 3F Tourism and Travel Agency an affiliate of Forum Co. Inc.
    Plastic Arts
    Paintings, graphics, photos, caricatures
    Materials and tools used for plastic arts

  • Handicrafts
    All sorts of hand-made stone objects
    All sorts of fired earthen objects, glazed or unglazed
    All sorts of hand-made glass objects
    All sorts of treated metal objects including gold and silver
    Wooden works such as carving, embossment, nacre embossment
    Yarn-woven products such as knitting, embroidery, figuring with dye
    Traditional weaving such as rug, kilim, cicim, sumak, tülü etc.
    Traditional arts such as calligraphy, miniature, marbling, kat'ı binding work, etc.
    Hand-made ornaments by use of metal, fried earth fiber, beads, stone, etc. (bijouterie excluded)
    Leather binding, Karagöz figures, small accessories etc.
    Home decoration products
    Model works
    Materials and tools used for handicrafts

  • Official, private and volunteer organizations concerning plastic arts and handicrafts
  • Books, sector-related publications, cassettes, CD, postcards
Deadline for Applications
September 20, 2002