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Ataturk Culture Center - Open Field 
Old Hippodrome - ANKARA
Every provincial city of Turkey, a historical crossover point of great civilizations, constitutes a very rich and colorful source of our national culture. Civil architectural examples, musical instruments, types of food and beverages, local costumes, folk music and folk dances, and on top of these handcrafts play a very important role in creating touristical attention in the presentation of our provinces. 

Local cultures also constitute the very base and essence of the national culture, and for this reason, we are definitely obliged to demonstrate and teach our local cultural assets not only to citizens and to new generations, but also to tourists. "1st Provincial Culture Fair" is organized for this purpose exactly.

It was also one of Great Ataturk's ideals to demonstrate provincial cultures via such organizations. When location plans for Internal Ministry building were being made in Bakanlıklar District, a separate place was allocated for each province, and demonstrative exhibitions were aimed in special days of the year. Likewise, a large exhibition was opened in this area, suitable to Ataturk's intention, within the scope of the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of Republic.

"1st Provincial Culture Fair" will be the biggest organization to be performed in this field up until now. The Capital Ankara will embrace Turkey via this culture display, and our cultural richness will be brought into public interest once more.

I hereby would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for those who have contributed to the fair.

M. İstemihan TALAY
Turkish Republic
Ministry of Culture
Turkey in full colors
Anatolia, being a host for various civilizations throughout history, contains numerous cultural elements in every inch of its soil. This richness has been demonstrated in different platforms up until now. We deeply wish to gather our 81 provincial cities in the capital Ankara and to share this cultural and ethnological richness with you. We hope that during 19-27 May, all Turkey's heart from Ağrı to İstanbul, from Sinop to Hatay will beat in Ankara. 
Information About the Fair
81 Provincial cities will take part in the fair, organized by Ministry of Culture and Forum Fairs Organization and Development Inc together.

The fair will be held in large tents to be installed in the open field of Ataturk Culture Center (AKM), and the smallest stand will be 50 m²
Participants may rent stands larger than 50 m²

The most successful stand goes to Germany
The participant which represent its province in the most successful and unique way shall be taken by Forum Inc free of charge to Import Shop-International Souvenir Goods, Leather, Textile and Retail Sales Fair to be held in Berlin. 


The fair is the first one of its type in Turkey, and it is expected to draw intense public attention. In order to make the fair more attractive, several activities shall be performed by the Ministry of Culture, by the General Directorate of Youth and Sports Affairs, by Ankara Governor and by Ankara Greater Municipality as well as several enterprises and organizations. The participants, provided that they inform us in advance, may carry out such activities as fashion shows, concerts, cine-vision displays, photograph exhibitions, music performances, folklore dances etc within the program schedules. 

As the Youth Fair is to be held at the same dates, there will be formed three fields for activities. Activities related with the Youth Fair shall be held in the field in front of AKM, and those related with Provinces Culture Fair shall be held in the field in front of the tents. The greater concert area shall be used for the both fairs. Activities continuing throughout the day until evening shall have all attentions directed to AKM. It is aimed that the number of visitors to reach 500,000, and that 5,000 people from the foreign mission living in Ankara to visit the fair. Bus services shall be available to all districts of Ankara for this purpose.

Services such as sound, light or podiums required by activities shall be provided by Forum Inc.
Provinces Culture Forest
A "Provincial Culture Forest" shall be formed in memory of the fair, in an appropriate location to be determined in Ankara. Each province shall have a tree plant in the forest. 
Sales Activities
Sales activities shall be available in the fair.
Visit Hours 
The fair will be open to visitors between 10.00-20.00 hours. Entrance will be free of charge.
Fees Of Participation
Cost of exhibition stands is 1 m² = 50 US Dollar+VAT
Participation fee shall be paid until 30 March 2001. Effective Sales Exchange Rate of the Central Bank shall be taken as the base in the payment date.
Bank Accounts for Payments:
Garanti Bank Ankara Branch 6299812 9099538
İş Bank, Ankara Meşrutiyet Branch 541604 638737
Ziraat Bank, Başkent Branch 183616 183631

What to exhibit in the fair? 

Exhibition of such features as art and handcraft products unique to your province, model works reflecting the history and tourism of your city, books, brochures, card-posts, video cassettes, trade and commerce catalogs and CD's, local publications & broadcasts and regional dresses and foods may be considered as beneficial in the fair.

In addition, it shall be possible to make a demonstration of provincial traditional foods and drinks in a "Service Tent", within a scheduled program.

Services to be provided

The fee includes stand construction, 3 desks, 6 chairs, 5 shelves, 1 dustbin, 1 ashtray, 1 spot light for each 3 m², stand signboard, general security measures (stand security in the open hours of the fair shall be provided by the participant), general cleaning services (in-stand cleaning shall be in the responsibility of the participant), "all-risks" insurance of each m² of the stands up to 10.000.000 TL, "Service Tent" facility, company information in the fair catalogs, advertisement of the fair in mass-media and via open-air means. 

Food Stand

Participant provinces, in order to demonstrate their local kitchens and obtain incomes, may rent food stands to be formed in a separate place.
The fee for food stand is 100 US $+VAT.
Special Stand
Special stand request by the participants shall be provided by Forum Designshop against the fee.

Introduction Activities
Introduction and advertisement activities associated with the fair shall be carried out by a public relations company. Newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations shall be informed via press bulletins, and the subject will be maintained in the public attention. Sponsorship by one of the national newspapers shall be obtained, and all the news and advertisement associated with the fair shall be published in this newspaper during the fair. 

3,000 posters to be published for public information shall be distributed and places in all units of Ministry of Culture, Internal Ministry, Ministry of Industry and Municipality as well as other organizations, and also will be sent to all provinces. These posters shall also be placed in such public places as Ankaray and Metro trains, universities, cinema halls, theatre halls and bookstores. 

Placards made of cloth material shall be placed in front of buses running between several lines.

100.000 handouts containing information related with the fair shall be distributed, together with activity programs, in public intense areas such as shopping centers, universities, main streets etc.

The 50 billboards in Ankara shall be rented for a period of two weeks, and in addition, advertisements shall be published in newspapers and in radio stations. 
Official invitations to be published 5,000 each shall be send to official authorities, foreign missions, associations and to the press.

The fair shall also be publicized in the Internet pages of Ministry of Culture and Forum Inc.
Fair Catalog
The fair catalog shall be prepared at the size of 21 x 29.7 cm, and shall be printed on glossy paper in color. One full page shall be allocated to each provincial city in the catalog, and one picture from each city shall be published. The catalog shall be distributed to related enterprises and organizations, and companies making business activities in the provinces may have their advertisements published in the catalog.
Advertisement Fees
Back Cover, Color  : 3000 US Dollar+VAT
Inside Back Cover, Color : 1500 US Dollar+VAT
Inside Pages, Color : 500 US Dollar+VAT

Advertisement films to be published shall be provided by the advertiser. Films having frames must be prepared one cm smaller than the specified paper size, in all dimensions. 

Additional Materials And Services
All the services and materials required outside those provided by participation fee such as desks, chairs, armchairs, stools, telephone, fax, fridge, showrooms, special sections, shelves, projection curtains, stewardess etc shall be subject to separate payment. 

The participants wishing so may supply these services themselves. 

Forum Inc is ready to prepare all types of printed matter such as catalogs, brochures, posters, invitations etc against the fee. 
Sponsorship of Fair
Evening concerts to be prepared within the fair shall be realized with the support of sponsors. Any enterprise or organization which would like to be sponsors for such concerts may contact to Forum Inc.
Travel and Accommodation
Each province shall handle and settle travel and accommodation itself. However, guest quota shall be established in the associated enterprises in Ankara. The number of beds to be allocated in this way shall be distributed among the provinces according to their demands.

Those wishing to get accommodation in hotels may benefit from the residential places to be prepared in alternatives by Forum Inc, against the fee.
Final Dates for the Application
 Final application date for the Fair  20 March 2001
 Final application date for activity declaration  6 April 2001
 Final application date for Catalog Information Form  6 April 2001
 Final application date for special stand  6 April 2001
 Final application date for advertisement  27 April 2001
 Final application date for hotel reservation  4 May 2001
 Final application date for extra materials  4 May 2001
 Date for bringing products to Ankara and arrangements   18 May 2001
 Fair start date and time  19 May 2001
 11.00 hours



 İstanbul Cad. : Istanbul Avenue
 19 Mayıs Stadyumu  : 19 Mayıs Stadium
 Açık Tribün : Open Tribune
 AKM Gençlik Fuarı Alanı : AKM Youth Fair Area
 Celal Bayar Bulvarı : Celal Bayar Boulevard

 Cumhuriyet Bulvarı

: Cumhuriyet Boulevard
 Emniyet Sarayı : Police Headquarters Hall
 Eski Terminal : Former Bus Terminal
 Gece Konseri Etkinlik alanı : Night Concert Area
 Gençlik Fuarı Etkinlik Alanı : Youth Fair Activity Area
 Gençlik Spor Tesisleri : Youth and Sports Facilities
 Hipodrom : Hippodrome
 Hipodrom cd. : Hipodrom Avenue
 İller Kültür Fuarı alanı : Provinces Culture Fair Area
 İller Kültür Fuarı Etkinlik Alanı : Provincial Culture Fair Activity Area
 Kapalı Tribün : Closed Tribune
 Kazım Karabekir Cd. : Kazım Karabekir Avenue
 Kore Bahçesi  : Korea Garden
 Kültür Merkezi Metro İstasyonu : Culture Center Metro Station
 Paraşüt Kulesi  : Parachute Tower
 Roma Meydanı : Roma Square
 Stad Oteli : Stad Hotel
 Ulus Metro İstasyonu : Ulus Metro Station
 Yiyecek ve İkram Alanı : Foods and Service Area