Libya'ya Temel Tüketim Maddeleri İhracatı

Libya'nın temel gıda alım kuruluşu NASCO, açtığı uluslararası ihalelerde aşağıdaki dokümanları istiyor. Buğday, buğday unu, şeker, pirinç, konserve domates salçası, mısır yağı, siyah ve yeşil zeytin, kuru maya, süt ve süt tozu, konserve tonbalığı alımının yapıldığı ihaleler için gerekli dokümanlara ilişkin orijinal metni aynen yayımlıyoruz. 

We would like to inform you that we are intending to re-organize our suppliers record and in order to enable us register your company within list of suppliers to participate in our tenders and as long as we are the only importer to Libyan markets with the following commodities: 
1-Durum and soft wheat 2-Wheat flour 3-Sugar 4-Rice 5-Canned tomato paste 6-Corn oil 7-Black and green tea 8-Active dry yeast 9-Evaporated milk and milk powder 10-Canned tuna
So, we kindly request you to provide us with the following documents:
1- Introduction letter about your company including full name and address, e-mail, fax, phone&telex nos. nationality, capital, items of activity… etc.
*Declaration stating whether you are manufacturer or trader.
*In addition to that the traders companies must specify the commodities not more than three items of above mentioned except wheat flour and tomato paste should be manufacturers.
*List of countries where your products are exported.
2- Memorandum and articles of association.
3- Letter from the chamber of commerce, certifying that the company is one of the members and has clean record.
4- Certificate of the commercial register, certifying that the company has registred within incorporation act.
5- Banking reference from your main bank, certifying that your company has no record of bankruptcy and honoured all its export obligations in the past.
6- Certificate of non transaction with Israel.
7- Last financial position (financial statement&accounts).
8- Name and passport numbers of your authorized representative, so list of your managers and telephone numbers.
9- The above-mentioned documents must be in English and translated to Arabic and legalized by Libyan Consulate at your end.
*All documents must be "original".
10- Documents must be attached with a copy of bank transfer or cash about (dollars 1,200.00) as annual registration fees to be deposited in NASCO account, number 16714 in National Commercial Bank, main branch Tripoli-LIBYA
*Our name and address are:
National Supply Corporation (NASCO)
P.O.Box: 3402 Tripoli-LIBYA
Tel. No. 021- 480 98 62
Fax. No. 021- 480 29 33
Tlx. Nos. 20205/20615 Tamwin Ly
*Documents to be addressed to above address for the attention of Suppliers Record Committee. "S.R.C"